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Mofos Network brings us I Know That Girl, a naughty amateur sex site with a mixture of videos in the style of real homemade porn and scripted hardcore porn with pornstars. When it first launched they marketed it as a genuine amateur porn site filled with submitted content, but soon they abandoned that idea and embraced what they do best: Make great porn with gorgeous girls.
Now the site is stuffed with high definition videos featuring some of the hottest, most talented women in the porn business.
Since it’s coming from a renowned porn company, it shouldn’t surprise you that these XXX videos are imaginative, naughty, and hotter than hell. They dream up all sorts of sexy settings in which the naughty fun happens.
There are threesomes and the occasional foursome. All new content is 1080p and most of the old content is at least 720p. It’s not quite only amateur porn, but it’s still great.

Review Pros

  • 1080p porn videos
  • Gorgeous girls
  • Homemade Group sex vids

Review Cons

  • Almost all pornstars
  • Have to pay

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